Less than 48 hours until we leave.......
It's beginning to look a little like India......

All through the house.....

Thank you, Connie, for mailing me "Indian clothes" to wear while traveling.....

We had to try these on the other night when we had company!! Special prize to anyone who knows everyone in this picture......(sorry about that for those of you who haven't visited Grayson)

Our house is finally beginning to show signs of an approaching trip.

A mixture of suitcases and supplies for Nick's Foundation ministries -Basket of Hope, Nick Nooks, and Adrienne's Angel Memory Boxes- cover our living room floor and furniture.

God has definitely opened the door for so many opportunities to reach out to others who are hurting. We are thankful even though we would trade all of this for Nick's presence with us.

We fly out of Cincinnati at 4 p.m. on Thursday and then out of New York at 11 p.m. We land in New Delhi, India around 7:00ish pm (India time) on Friday evening.

We lose a day as we are flying, which truthfully boggles my mind.

I told my mom that if you can lose a day and stay on this planet, then there is no telling how time really works in Heaven.

The Bible says that to God, "a day is like a thousand years." I truly believe that!

Someone told me recently that if that is literally true, then a lifetime on earth is just a few hours in God's time, so Nick and Adrienne may only be "waiting" for us for a couple of hours at the most!!! I love that thought!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just wanted to send a little note and let you know that I am not sure how often I will be near a computer after tomorrow and how much time I will have to blog until Easter Sunday, but I will write in my journal the entire trip and pray for you all constantly.

When I get home, I will share all of my memories with you.
I am praying that God will use this trip to touch all of our children's lives in very significant ways and that we will feel Nick and Adrienne's presence with us constantly.
I am praying that this trip can form a bond of ministry between Nick's Foundation and the orphanage that will help the children there in very special ways.

Who knows? Some of you who are reading this may very well be traveling to India some day to do a week or so of mission work! I'll be praying about that too!
I really can't imagine what we are going to see and experience.
I am nervous, excited, sad, happy, anxious, calm, and every other emotion rolled into one.......

This is God's trip. I'm going to have to totally lean on Him for my every need.
I'll write one more time (at least) before we head out Thursday.

Love you all so much,

I will write again tonight, but I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that in the midst of our packing and planning, you are all on my heart and mind.

Thankful for all of you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and I can't wait to read ALL about it! You all will be in our prayers. Oh, and if you can at some point, would you ask Olivia what she thinks of it all? I would LOVE to read her thoughts. I often wonder what Macy will think when she gets older!!

Incredible India!!!

Jeni Carmichael

Blogger natalie said...

Dear Friend,
I will be praying God's Blessing on you and your family as you begin your journey. I pray you will be at peace and you will feel Nick and Adrienne right there with you. I'm also praying for all of the lives you will touch as you trust God.

Tammy, like you, I love thinking that our Angels are just waiting a short time until we are all together again. We can only "imagine!"

Grace 2 U,

Blogger Wendy Blight said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog today and speaking such sweet words of encouragement. Thank you for sharing your son's illness with me. Most especially thank you for your prayers and for bringing me back to the Truth of God's word. I have loved the "rough places smooth" verse, but you brought it fresh to my mind today.

Sweet blessings and thanks to you,


Blogger Bonnelle said...

I'm so blessed that you get to take this trip to India! It's a reminder to me of God's goodness in ALL things... that He has a plan and a purpose for everything. I know you miss Nick in the midst of the planning & getting ready but you are truly carrying him to the nations with you!!

Many, many blessings to you as you journey forward with the Lord.


Anonymous Brenda said...

God Bless You All on this trip and I Pray it will be a safe and wonderful trip for each and everyone of you.
Much Love & Blessings,

Blogger Charlotte said...

I am so excited for you and your family. This will be a trip of a lifetime. I too do not understand how you can lose a day....but what is going to be harder for me is how am I going to make it a week or so without you?!?!?!?!!

Love you lots,

I just can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories you will share when you get back....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy ~ I'm not looking for any "prize" it was just kinda fun to think who was wearing the clothes! Looks like you were having a fun time! Love you so much! Praying for you.

Well lets see... You, Olivia, Mrs Jordan, Lela J., and is that Jenny Leamon, and the other one I think looks like Kara P.?


Anonymous Nicole said...

I'll be praying for you & your family and know God holds so many gifts for you all through this trip! What you are doing is beautiful! Can't wait to hear all about it! Nicole

Anonymous Sandra said...

Well, it's going to kind of feel like the animals got out of the zoo in our neighborhood without all of the Nischan's running around.....but a few of us got left behind...(That's us!)We'll miss you every day. I've asked God to keep you and your family in the very front of my mind every minute you are gone. I know that each time I pull in or out of the drive.....it will be quiet at your house and I will whisper another prayer for you.

I remember the last time Tim came home from India! He had just pulled into the driveway and you all came running over to introduce us to Olivia. What a beautiful gift God gave you in her! He is truly amazing and He is faithful.

In case I don't get to talk to you in the next few hours....have a wonderful trip and know that we are praying for your every minute - even of the days that you lose!

Blogger Susan said...

Oh how special...

I'll be praying for you and thinking of you each day.

Can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT, and pictures too.

Love you♄

Blogger Laura said...

lela jordan, Lauren, Alicia, Leah v, you, and olivia. just a guess...
have tons of fun in India! You're in my prayers!
Love you!!

I will be praying! God bless you!

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