Thank you for praying......
Just wanted to post a quick note of thanks for all of your prayers and sweet thoughts.

Yesterday was such a rough day for me.

Thankfully, Todd's game was cancelled and Tim was able to be with Olivia for hers so I stayed home in the evening and just had some time to clean a little and do some good crying.

I was "forced" out into the world today, because I had committed to subbing for a friend a long time ago. It was good for me to be out and about........hearing kids say silly things like, "Ms. NahNah" as my name. Nischan isn't always the easiest name for kids to remember.

And one little girl asked if I subbed in her class last year and gave them each a coin. She was so excited to tell me that she still has her rupee!! That made me smile!

I'm thankful even in the midst of my sadness. Tim and I have texted back and forth today about Nick, about his life, about his's been good.

We are both so sad and yet want to be so happy for Nick. He's the winner, because Jesus conquered the grave!

It's a daily decision we have to make: to get bitter or get better, to resist pain or accept it, to live in misery or in victory.........

Thank you for lifting us up as we strive to live for Him who gives us Eternal Hope.

Praying for you too!


Blogger Cheri said...

You are right. Don't get down and stay in...but get up and move out! You are awesome Tammy, so faithful even in the midst of pain.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, you are so blessed with your love for the Lord. Think of those peple who don't have your faith. How do they move through all their saddness without someone lifting them and carrying them through? And it's okay to have those sad days, you have lost something precious on this earth that you wanted to keep with you forever. Hang in there Tammy. It will get better someday, somewhere down the road. Grieving is such a long and individual journey. I think you are doing wonderfully considering it has not even been a year. God bless you each and every minute. Sandy from MD

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning on the way to work I had a special burden to pray for you though I had not been on your site to read your request for prayer. Again this morning I lifted you and also Tim up in prayer. You two are so special. Keep clinging to each other as you also cling to the Lord, Master and Savior of the universe.
In my Prayers
carol j kirkland

Blogger Jennifer said...

Just wanted to send you a hug today - haven't checked in for a few days and I see why you were on my heart! I promise I will be praying for you all this week - and I LOVE those pictures of Nick from yesterday! What an amazing smile!!

Hugs friend, Jennifer

Blogger Beckypdj said...

It is a decision, one we make several times a day. You are doing it!!

Extra hugs to you.

Blogger Susan said...

Sending so much love and prayers your way Tammy.

He is with you. Your choices have brought glory and honor to Jesus.

It's OK to have "those days"...

Love you~

My husband has been wearing Nick's T-Shirt, it brings me joy to have this...

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