Basket of Hope on WSAZ
If you go to and click on the news story "Small Gifts with the Power to Heal," you can read a story on last night's event and watch an unedited interview they did with me.....please remember it is unedited. :)

Guess God knew my camera would be broken and the story still needed to be shared somehow today!

Love you all,


Blogger natalie said...


I just watched your interview, WOW, is all I can say.

Tammy, as I watched the people behind you putting the baskets together I couldn't help but think about how many lives God has allowed you and your family to touch...and will continue to touch. It's amazing how our Heavenly Father can take something that has devistated our hearts, and turn it into good.

Yes, just as he tells us in Jer. 29:11, he definetely had a plan for your Nick, even before he was born, He knew the great things He would do thru Nick.

Grace 2 U,

Blogger Charlotte said...

Hey Girlfriend,

I loved your video. I was so happy to see all the busy helpers behind you. I sure wish I was one of them there with you. You will be touching so many lives with the "Baskets" and I am so proud of everything that you do. You are truly an INSPIRATION and I just love you to pieces. Sorry to hear about your camera. Better get a new one soon because I totally enjoy all your pictures and it would be a shame not to get to see them. xoxoxo

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